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Welcome to Saint-Julien

Hello to everybody who is interested in our wonderful territory, located in between Geneva and Annecy, and the Jura and Saleve mountains, right in the center of Europe. In this blog, you will find information about what's going on here, as regards events and leisure activity. For those of you who wish to visit us, I have tried to help you discover things of interest which are available around Saint-Julien, my hometown.

Another purpose of the blog is to indicate what I like in life, whether it is music, cinema, books etc.... I think in this world where too much information kills information, it is nice to find shortcuts to what is really essential. On purpose, I did not wish to mention well known items, as you don't need me to know them, but rather to introduce unknown things which, in my opinion, deserve to be better known. Of course, it is not possible to please everybody all the time, but I hope that I will have helped some people to discover things that they would have never heard of otherwise.

Think of Johnny Halliday, for instance, who is a mega star in France: he is absolutely unknown outside the french speaking countries. As a matter of fact, I remember the South China Morning Post , the leading Hong Kong english paper, decribing him as "THE BIGGEST ROCK & ROLL STAR THE WORLD HAS NEVER HEARD OF". Yet, I believe he is worth listening to, as his voice is one of the best any singer ever had.

As for movies, I have listed only a small number of film, preferrably 10 years old or more, which, for one reason or another, deserve to be watched.

I apologize for the fact that most of the material present in the blog is written in french, but these writings are mostly about french politics and may not be of utmost interest to our foreign friends.

Good reading


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